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Down for Updates

The College Chemistry 1 DVDs will be delayed until January 2017. The video downloads are available now, here:

CC1 Video Downloads

Thank You!

Methods That Work

Chemistry Professor is designed to provide excellent teaching and learning materials for both college and high school chemistry instructors and students. Through the use of video/note guide combinations, current neuroscience thinking regarding learning is put into practice. Constant pedagogical research and frequent updating have resulted in materials that work especially well with active classrooms such as the flipped class.

Chemistry Professor provides videos that can be streamed from an institution’s website. Accompanying note guides may be printed and sold through the institution's book store if courses are purchased through an institutional purchase order. For nstitutional use the videos will be provided on DVDs with the note guide on an accompanying CD and a letter of permission-to-use will accompany the purchase.

Individuals desiring to purchase the courses may do so through our download site at a price significantly less than the cost for institutional use. In this case, the note guide will accompany the purchased course.

Teachers – Lesson Preparation

Teachers find this an invaluable resource when reviewing chemistry prior to going into the classroom. First-time teachers, uncertain about approaching the subject, see an experienced professional actually teach chemistry. Experienced teachers looking for another approach to difficult areas find alternative approaches here. Teachers called back into the chemistry classroom after years of teaching another subject find this a reassuring way to re-learn needed topics without panic. The 30-minute lessons used in the Fundamentals course and the College Chemistry I and II courses are highly appropriate for viewing in the classroom, followed by in-depth classroom discussion.

Students - Personal Instructor

Students gain better understanding of everything from a single topic to an entire course as they complete the instruction in Chemistry Professor. The students experience a teaching expert teach the subject and can “pause,” “go-back,” and “replay” difficult areas as many times as needed. Chemistry Professor never tires of repeating and re-explaining materials. Students having difficulty arranging to see their instructors for help that find these videos often provide answers to their questions. Further, the use of the Note Guide makes taking excellent, complete, organized notes an easy task, a task that promotes learning and retention.

To the Instructor

Methods that Work

A better way to teach and learn chemistry