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Instruction Techniques

Chemistry Professor is a series of programs designed to facilitate teaching and learning chemistry at the high school and college levels.

Chemistry Professor provides a "better way to teach and learn chemistry" by taking advantage of cutting-edge computer based technology and proven educational techniques. We capitalize on our success in the high school and college classroom, building a program that has evolved from over 40 years of experience and development into what we believe is an unmatched way to teach chemistry clearly and effectively.

Our methods utilize evolving text, animations of key processes, and appropriate lab activities, all with a renowned teaching professor who narrates and explains the chemistry at every step. Three of the courses, Introduction to Chemistry, College Chemistry I, and College Chemistry II, consist of videos made in the studios of Gulf Coast Community College where the most up-to-date technologies for effective instruction were made available. The professor utilizes several different cameras to capture her face-to-face lecture, her computer usage, and her pen as she works problems, diagrams equipment and pathways, presents examples, and uses numerous other activities requiring this technique. Each of these three courses is accompanied by a detailed workbook/note-guide to facilitate the student taking a complete, accurate set of notes in these fast-paced, intense college courses.

Available Courses

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Fundamentals of Chemistry
Teaches those topics commonly found in high school chemistry classes that require an extensive one year or possibly two years of instruction. This is an updated version of Introduction to Chemistry. Fundamentals of Chemistry is available on DVDs.
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College Chemistry I & II
teach all the topics recommended for inclusion in a two-semester college inorganic chemistry majors course. This course expects the student to have completed a Fundamentals of Chemistry study or the equivalent. College Chemistry I and II are available on DVDs.
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College Chemistry Combo
Features our College Chemistry I and II courses on 24 DVD's and 2 separate 200+ page note taking guides. Discounted price of $199 and only $10 shipping total for both courses (shipping rate applies to US and Canada Only).
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Organic Chemistry
Teaches those topics normally covered in a two-semester college level organic chemistry course for students who have completed two terms of inorganic or college chemistry.Organic Chemistry is available now in a newly revised version on 8 CDs or 16 DVDs. The CD version is for use on PCs only. The DVD version is for use on computers capable of playing DVDs or on DVD players with televisions.
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Who will benefit?

Teachers – Lesson Preparation

Teachers will find this an invaluable resource when they wish to review their chemistry prior to going into the classroom. First-time teachers who may be uncertain about approaching the subject will see an experienced professional actually teach chemistry. Experienced teachers looking for another approach to particularly difficult areas may find alternative approaches here. Teachers called back into the chemistry classroom after years of teaching another subject find this a reassuring way to re-learn those needed topics without panic. Many teachers find the 30-minute lessons used in the Fundamentas course and the College Chemistry I and II courses highly appropriate for viewing in the classroom, followed by in-depth classroom discussion. The Organic Chemistry on CD is divided into units of varying length, suitable for classroom use using MicroSoft PowerPoint. The Organic DVDs are suitable for playing on a TV/DVD player or computer with considerable available memory and an excellent sound card.

Students - Personal Instructor

Students will gain better understanding of anything from a single topic to the entire course as they complete the instruction in Chemistry Professor materials. The students will experience a professional teach the subject and may “pause,” “rewind,” and “replay” difficult areas as many times as needed. The Chemistry Professor never tires of repeating and re-explaining materials. Students having difficulty arranging to see their instructors for help will find these videos provide answers to their questions. Further, the use of the Noteguide makes taking excellent, complete notes an easy task, a task that greatly facilitates learning and promotes retention.

What they're saying about Chemistry Professor:

"Awesome material. Very clear and easy to understand. Great learning tool"
Phillip, Kansas

"Thank you for your efforts on behalf of chemistry teaching. No other subject can capture the understanding of the physical world and provide a system of thinking that is so constantly used in every scientific field. You have demystified some very complex areas and I applaud your efforts."
E., MD - Louisiana

"You have saved my life! I would never have made it through this year of teaching chemistry without your course to help me review. Thank you!"
Cathy, Florida

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your courses and will recommend them to all of my students who need help with college chemistry."
Onur - Chemistry Tutor - New York

"Your organic chemistry tutor is like having my own personal mentor going through the coursework with me.  It has added incredibly to the level of my understanding of some difficult topics."
Charles -Texas

"Thanks Chemistry Professor.  Your product was a great aid in my prep for the chemistry portion of the MCAT."
Ingrid - Florida

"...the animations make the topics come to life.  So much better than a textbook!"
Matt - Maryland

"The course materials are wonderful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review and learn chemistry at home at my own pace. I am so pleased "
Anne - United Kingdom

"We have used your Fundamentals course in our home school program. It is like having our own professor in the house each day. We feel like we know you. What a great course."
Lisa - California

 - A better way to teach and learn chemistry.