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COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I addresses those topics recommended for inclusion in the first semester of a two semester college chemistry majors course. It is the goal of the Chemistry Professor to bring these topics to the student in a personal manner that is a discussion or conversation of the subject at hand. Unfortunately, college chemistry courses must be taught in lecture halls by professors on strict time lines, a calendar established to assure coverage of all material. Such a time-line does not permit changing the pace of instruction to meet the learning needs of each individual student. In some cases instruction is provided by a teaching assistant whose command of the language is insufficient, thus creating an additional barrier to learning. Such is not the case with the Chemistry Professor.

This professor’s career has been focused on teaching students chemistry and research related to teaching. Not only has she won numerous state and national awards for her teaching, her methods have have been so successful that several colleges use these courses for their students in distant education and graduate programs designed to prepare students to teach or to prepare these students for certification exams. Two of her courses, College Chemistry I and College Chemistry II, were selected for use by the World Bank in its program for a number of universities in Africa.

The essential topics covered in College Chemistry I are: measurements, calculations, matter, energy, elements, compounds, nomenclature, equations, types of reactions, the mole, stoichiometry, atomic theory, the periodic table, bonding theories, gases, liquids, solids, solutions, thermochemistry, and an introduction to oxidation-reduction.

These topics are all addressed at the college level, with the understanding that students have some chemistry background. Those students with no chemistry background at all should consider Fundamentals of Chemistry prior to undertaking a college-level chemistry course. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and the use of a logical approach to these solutions.

Gagne and Briggs Nine Instructional Events are utilized throughout the presentation. The Chemistry Professor gets the student’s attention, states the goals and objectives to be addressed, reminds students of something they have already experienced or seen, presents the material, guides the learning, elicits performance, provides feedback, enhances retention, and determines progress. It is not unusual to hear students "talking back" to the Professor as she asks questions which they spontaneously answer.

How is this done using a DVD? The Chemistry Professor presents the COLLEGE CHEMISTRY material in a gradually evolving face-to-face lecture that does not overwhelm the student with the myriad of words and figures found in the typical college textbook. Detailed text and examples presented using computer technologies are accompanied by that all important factor – face-to-face contact. Every principle, every example is carefully and thoroughly explained - narrated by this highly experienced professional. A series of cameras, focused on the professor, the computer, and the script pad allow her to enhance, describe, and explain principles that textbooks struggle to explain with printed words. A detailed note-guide directs the student in acquiring a complete, detailed set of notes to be used for review and study with appropriate quizzes provided for self-testing. The result is a package that appeals to students of today, even students who are not experienced with learning from a source outside the traditional classroom, students who do not wish to lose the human contact involved in the learning experience.

College Chemistry I is presented on eleven DVDs, containing a total of 42 lessons of 30 minutes duration each and accompanied by its note-guide. The program is designed for college students who may wish to have at hand assistance with their first-year college chemistry courses. The Chemistry Professor never tires of repeating explanations when the student desires or pausing to permit the student time to think and make notes.

The program is ideal for students reviewing for national exams such as MCAT, DAT, VAT, etc., who wish to have the expertise of a chemistry professional guide their studies. Because this is a complete course, students may pick and choose the topics for which they feel the greatest need of assistance. Students enrolled in (AP) advanced placement programs find this an invaluable tool.

The program is an aid for high school teachers who may wish to refresh their backgrounds prior to or during their instruction of honors or advanced placement courses. Teachers who may be uncertain about their own background may find this an easy review of topics It also helps the high school teacher understand the topics college professors will most likely address in their own classes.

COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I & II are designed to be used with virtually any college textbook for first year college chemistry. The course is intense.

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What they're saying about Chemistry Professor:

"Awesome material. Very clear and easy to understand. Great learning tool"
Phillip, Kansas

"Thank you for your efforts on behalf of chemistry teaching. No other subject can capture the understanding of the physical world and provide a system of thinking that is so constantly used in every scientific field. You have demystified some very complex areas and I applaud your efforts."
E., MD - Louisiana

"You have saved my life! I would never have made it through this year of teaching chemistry without your course to help me review. Thank you!"
Cathy, Florida

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your courses and will recommend them to all of my students who need help with college chemistry."
Onur - Chemistry Tutor - New York

"Your organic chemistry tutor is like having my own personal mentor going through the coursework with me.  It has added incredibly to the level of my understanding of some difficult topics."
Charles -Texas

"Thanks Chemistry Professor.  Your product was a great aid in my prep for the chemistry portion of the MCAT."
Ingrid - Florida

"...the animations make the topics come to life.  So much better than a textbook!"
Matt - Maryland

"The course materials are wonderful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review and learn chemistry at home at my own pace. I am so pleased "
Anne - United Kingdom

"We have used your Fundamentals course in our home school program. It is like having our own professor in the house each day. We feel like we know you. What a great course."
Lisa - California


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